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Wood pulp Aerospace Similar Blue Wood pulp Polyester Wipes

Wood pulp aircraft aerospace woodpulp spunlace wipes similar crepe wipes are made of 55% wood pulp and 45% polyester, lint free and super absorbent. It is good as SMT wipes, machine wipes, optical wipes, stencil wipes, blanket wash cloth, it is good for any surface.

Ideal for critical cleaning and technical cleaning, Weston Turquoise / Blue Crepe can be used in a wide variety of industries: automotive, aerospace, printing, food processing, engineering and manufacturing. It is good to be Aircraft wipes.

The Weston Turquoise / Crepe Blue is very low in linen so it will not leave the waste fibers behind on the surfaces.

The soft creped texture guarantees an efficient collection of dust and dirt, as well as an excellent absorption of fat and oil.

The Weston Turquoise / Crepe Blue is strong and durable as well as solvent and resistant to chemicals and contains no chemical binders.

Perfect for cleaning tools, equipment and machinery, hands and work surfaces.

Specialist, high quality turquoise cleaning cloth, excellent absorbing quality, non-woven with very low dust emission. The unique wrinkled surface (crepe) ensures a good grip and picks up even invisible particles. This cloth is very resistant to tearing either dry or wet, safe for use with solvents, odorless. Made of 55% natural fiber and 45% polyester, it is suitable for:

     • clean, dry and remove liquids, stains and dirt, rinse and degrease.

     • laboratories, industrial facilities, industrial processes, maintenance of machinery and equipment, professional varnishing units.

Weight: 55gsm-90gsm

Color: blue, turquoise, white

Width: 15cm-210cm

MOQ: 500kgs

Woodpulp polyester creped blue wipe cloth

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