Disinfectant wet wipes in resealable plastic bags for various virus

Disinfectant wet wipes in resealable plastic bags prewet wipes for various virus

Kills 99.9% germs*

*TGA Test for Commercial Grade Disinfectants for surfaces: E.Coli, S. aureus, Samonella, and other virus.


Fresh hygienic clean

Weston wipes both cleans & disinfects, which are usually 2 separates processed.

Microorganisms may be removed during the cleaning process; however, cleaning is not intended to destroy microorganisms. Disinfection is required for this purpose.


Cuts through grease & dirt

The cleaning formula in Weston wipes cuts through great & dirt - great for non-porous food surfaces where food is prepared and stored.


Resealable pack

Designed with a resealable lid closure to help wipes stay moist and ready to clean & disinfect.


Everyday use in kitchen

Suitable to use on most finished surfaces around your home, especially the kitchen, including stainless steel, laminate floors, kitchen tops, washable walls and outdoor furniture.


All around the home

Suitable for disinfecting the bathroom, toilet seats, laundry baskets and fitness equipment too.

After use, dispose of wipes in rubbish bin. Do not flush wipe down the toilet.


Children's surfaces

Kill germs on everyday items used by children*, including strollers, changing tables, toys, highchairs, booster seats, cribs and potty-training seats - just remember to rinse the items after use!

*Children over 12 months


Safe for use on electronics

Safe to use on your gadgets: use them freely on remote controls, keyboards and mousse and portable audio devices.

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