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Wood pulp polyester Spunlace Cleanroom Wipes

Protecting sensitive environments from particles during the manufacture of high-value electronics is not an easy task. It is imperative to reduce potential contaminants that can cause defects in the product and associated performance losses.

Weston is one of the first fabric manufacturers for the clean room industry. Weston fabrics are designed to help solve the challenges of keeping clean rooms free of particles and contamination on work surfaces.

Woodpulp polyester clean room wipes are made of 55% wood pulp and 45% polyester for clean room tasks. It is good for non-woven wipes, absorbent wipes, cleaning wipes, cleaning wipes, cleaning supplies, cleaning wipes, cleaning wipes, car wipes, cleaning wipes, dish cloths, hand wipes, Industrial wipes, microfiber cloths, microfiber cloths, polishing cloths, printing wipes

Weston fabrics for the electronics industry are equipped with exceptional strength, along with clean, low strength properties and excellent absorbent qualities, even when wet. Designed for use in situations requiring "clean absorption", Weston cleaning products are not woven or knitted In yarns, so they do not require binders, glues or other chemicals and adhesives to hold the fibers together or to make the fabric Be absorbent.

Uses for clean room wipes made with Weston include:

  • Protection and maintenance of clean rooms
  • Relays, contacts and switches for polishing and cleaning
  • Cleaning laboratory equipment and sensitive equipment
  • Collecting spills

Composition: 55% wood pulp, 45% polyester

Weight: 50gsm-90gsm

Color: turquoise, blue, white

Width: 15cm-210cm

MOQ: 500kgs

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