100% Organic Cotton Puff Makeup Facial Soft Cut Cotton Unbleached Cotton Pads

FDA certificated, being soft and absorbent, these 100% organic cotton pads are specially produced with two surfaces for either face or nails, using the highest quality natural cotton of USA, ensuring best softness and low lint. 

The cotton is grown and imported from USA cotton planting base. It is unbleached and no binders are added in the whole producing process. 

Weston keeps high hygiene standard of producing beauty products, such as facial mask and cotton pads. We invest a lot to build 100 class spunlace manufacturing cleanroom to produce cotton pads and face mask in a closed and clean environment. Workers and related working men are wearing safe uniform to avoid any hair out. The cleanroom is decorated according to FDA stand to avoid mosquitos.

• Locked margin makes it easy to get piece by piece from the cotton pads, and fibers will not get out easily, it is more fast and easier cleaning of make up

• The lightest textured surface is ideal for applying lotion and creams, e.g. cleanser

• The compact surface is ideal for applying liquids e.g. nail polish remover and toner.

• This surface does not fluff or lint, it is therefore ideal for contact lens wearers.

• This product is manufactured using natural cotton fibers without any binders, colorants, additives.

Weston now offers cotton pads OEM service; your logo can be printed on the bag with your privately designed packages. 

Certificate: SGS/MSDS/CE

Material: 100% organic cotton

Cotton spunlace: yes

Size: 50mm*60mm

Package: privately designed PE bag or box

Service: OEM/ODM

Certificates: SGS/MSDS/CE

Free samples, package design and package formats, please contact with us for details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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