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Woodpulp Spunlace Industrial wipes 50% Woodpulp 50% Polypropylene

Industrial wipes 50% Woodpulp Polypropylene (pp) 50% is high performance diamond embossedcloth. It is super absorbent and free of lint, so it serves as very good industrial wipes in several demanding cleaning tasks.

50% Wood pulp 50% polypropylene low-linting industrial wipes were only produced by Ahlstrom years ago. Now Weston Manufacturing can do so, any proportion of wood pulp and polypropylene, including 80% wood pulp 20% polypropylene similar low-linting industrial cleaners.

This diamond-stamped industrial wipe is designed to promote the water-absorbing power of cleaning wipes and their special stamping can store water and grease in their separate square rooms. Tests show that absorbent industrial wipes can absorb 500% water and fat.

Industrial wipes of diamond emboss stores water and grease in its seperate square rooms

Weston offers a wide range of wizard of grams from 45gsm to 120gsm, and width from 150mm to 2100mm, which can satisfy almost all the requirements of the finished wipers converters.

Standard colors are blue, red, white. Weston encourages customers to have their custom color to mark a work area with an industrial color cleaning cloth like food service wipes.

Weston woodpulp polypropylene wipe cloth

Composition of the towel: 50% of wood pulp, 50% of polypropylene

Gram Mage: 45gsm-120gsm

Color: Blue, Red, White or Custom

Cleaning Feature: low linting, durable, highly absorbent

Wipe Application: lint free wipers, workshop wipers, industrial wipes, machine maintainance, etc.

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