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Woodpulp spunlace is made from woodpulp or cellulose and polyester or polypropylene, it is spunlace nonwovens mainly for industrial cleaning purpose. Sometimes they are called woodpulp polyester spunlace, woodpulp polypropylene spunlace, nonwoven woodpulp spunlace, woodpulp spunlace cloths, industrial wipes, industrial cleaning cloth. They are absorbent and lint free cleaning wipes.

Viscose spunlace nonwoven is made from blends of viscose fibers and polyester fibers by hydro-entangling/spunlacing technics. It is highly absorbent, reusable, anti-bacterial, environment-friendly. It is best home cleaning or household multi-purpose wipes.

Wipes OEM is offered by Weston who converts spunlace mother reels into finished spunlace wipes and put customer logo on the package, thus building private labels of spunlace wipes for our clients. It is also called wiper OEM, spunlace wipes, nonwoven wipes, spunlace wiper, spunlace cleaning wipes, spunlace OEM.


Microfiber nonwovens is made from filaments of polyester and polyamide, which is only 1/20 tiny of human hair. Spunlace of microfiber are super absorbent, fine surface, it perfectly cleans any surface without hurting it. It is also called microfiber spunlace, spunlace microfiber, microfiber wipes, microfiber nonwovens. Microfiber spunlace is good for glass and mirrow cleaning, optical cleaning.


Weston produces cotton spunlace from 2005. it is mainly used for facial mask, cotton pads. Under strict QC system in 100 class cleanroom, Its facial mask is from natural fiber spunlace nonwoven which is for beaty products such as cotton spunlace, silk spunlace, viscose spunlace, tencel spunlace, lyocell spunlace. They are made into face mask, facial cotton pads, make up pads, make up removal pads etc. Weston produces 100% cotton spunlace, and offer converting them into facial mask cloth, various cotton pads. Apart from cotton spunlace, we also produce other natural fiber spunlace for facial mask and make up removal pads, such as 100% Tencel face masks, 100% Lyocell facial masks, 100% bamboo fiber face mask, 100% black viscose facial masks, 100% carbon fiber face masks, China's biggest facial mask OEM supplier.

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