About Us

About us


Founded in 2003, Weston Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer that produces jumbo spunlace rolls and finished nonwoven wipes.

He introduced from Germany and Italy 4 advanced lines of productions and learned spunlace technology from western countries.

1. A production line of wood pulp paper

It is used for the production of wood pulp paper which is not for sale, but is used for lamination with spunlace including spunlace polyester woodpulp and spunlace polypropylene woodpulp. We import from Canada the high quality cellulose and pulp raw materials and we make the paper which save much more cost than buying the paper from others, which also lowers the cost of buying from customers. According to different requirement of the spunlace fabric, we make the paper in necessary colors, rather than dying the final fabrics. It has two advantages, one is the cost and time savings, the second and also the most important is this method will greatly avoid color discoloration of spunlace laminated products. At present we can mainly produce white color, turquoise color, blue color, red color, brown color. The paper making production line is width of 250cm, so meet different needs of spunlace lamination.


2. Wood polyester spunlace laminating line

It is a 250 cm wide line producing polyester spunlace in the first half and making the lamination with the existing paper to produce woodpulp polyester cloths for cleaning industrial cleaning cloth or for medical fabrics such as surgical gowns and curtains. The polyester yarn cord here applies the cross-lapping practice, which is rare in the world. So the fabric strengthens both in MD and CD. Makes lasting wipes durable or allows surgical fabrics to be safer. Also this line has similar micrex creped / embossed part, we offer a versatile creping processing to meet customer needs. These lint-free cloths and lint-free wipes are popular in the modern manufacturing industry that serves as clean room wipes.

3. Wood polypropylene spunlace laminating line

It is a width line of 250cm producing woodpulp polypropylene fabric. The wood pulp and the polypropylene herein are laminated to a flexible mixing ratio according to the different application of the customer, such as 70% wood polopylene 30% polypropylene or 50% wood pulp polypropylene 50%. Also in order to meet the demands of the lots of customers, we have equipped many creping pieces to make selective engraving, such as embossing honeycomb similar to X80, embossing diamond, engraving cardboard etc. We can make the Printing on fabrics also, Similar to X80, diamond printing, etc. Absorbent cloths are good as oil grease and water cleaning cloth.

And we accept customized printing for customers, such as printing your logo on the fabrics. All these are at very low cost.

4. Spunlace line of viscose and polyester

It is a 320cm wide line producing food service wipes. It can produce both parallel lapping and cross-stitching. And you can have flexible choices in colors such as printed or solid color, fabric surface such as plain or aperture. Our fabrics are made in food service wipes to many countries and regions. Also the customer logo can be printed on the fabrics. The weight varies from 30gsm to 120 gsm.

• Laminate: parallel

Width: maximum width is 3200mm

Weight: 30gsm-65gsm

Color: white, printed, solid color

Pattern: plain, 8mesh, 10mesh, 16mesh, 18mesh, 22mesh, snow emboss, pearl emboss, etc.

• Lapping: crossing

Width: maximum width is 3200mm

Weight: 35gsm-120gsm

Color: white, printed, solid color

Pattern: plain, 8mesh, 10mesh, 16mesh, 18mesh, 22mesh, snow emboss, pearl emboss, etc.

Every day we have containers shipped from Shanghai port to seaports around the world. You can see our products at MacDonald's, Starbucks, health centers, Heidelberg printer service centers, self-service workshops, workshops, etc.

We are proud to see all this and we will work harder to bring more benefits to humanity around the world.

If we are honored to take a chance on you, we will not disappoint you.

Free samples are available for customers in many countries, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.